I am a registered dietitian with  a passion for food and pop culture.

I’m a hunter (not the grab a gun and shoot something type), a voyeur and a believer that each culinary experience, whether preparing food or eating it, is an adventure.   I feel a bit like the food paparazzi, snapping pictures of scantly clad pork belly or unsuspecting confit  and getting caught up in the ongoing and passionate battle between taste and nutrition, policy and choice, profit and loss and trend and tradition.

As they say, the food world is my oyster…high in vitamin D and B12, from a sustainable source, less than three bucks each and served two ways…with a traditional splash of tabasco or marinated in the citrus fruit of the week and served on a bed of whatever wilted green the foodies holler for this month. It just better taste good.



2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Shawn!

    I represent a team of entrepreneurs who share your passion for food. We launched our mobile app 2 weeks ago which is targeted at Toronto’s awesome food scene and foodies. Spork publishes real-time, hyper-local promotions from our curated network of 30+ (and growing) partner restaurants and eateries including Insomnia and Lick It Gelato.

    We came across your blog and thought you would be the perfect person to get feedback from. We love how you democratic you are at blogging all kinds of places! We would like to meet with you (or talk over the phone if you’re unavailable) to showcase our app and share our ambition to take Spork across Canada and beyond!

    If you would like to know more, here’s where you can find more information:

    -website: http://www.sporkit.co/#!howitworks/c1qig
    -Apple appstore link: https://appsto.re/ca/ouhZY.i. (android version will be rolled out in a few weeks but you can sign up now!)
    -facebook: https://facebook.com/sporkit.co
    – instagram: http://instagram.com/spork_it
    – twitter: https://twitter.com/spork_it

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to speak with you soon!

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