I Came, I Slaw, I Conquered

I love slaw.  I have ordered dishes in restaurants just to get the slaw.  It is cross-cultural, appearing in Asian, Mexican, Spanish, German, British and North American cuisine.  Most of us have grown up being fed some kind of cole slaw during a family dinner or neighbourhood bar-b-que. For the most part, it was a combination of green cabbage, miracle whip and perhaps and a few raisins or a shrivelled apple.

Slaw can add a freshness to an otherwise rich dish (eg. English fish and chips), add texture to a dish (eg.scallops) or allow the incorporation of contrasting flavors (eg.a sweet, creamy slaw to a spicy dish).  It is versatile and is a perfect way to incorporate fresh, local, in-season ingredients onto a plate.  On the other hand, it can be a means of using root vegetables such as cabbage and celery root during the off-season. You can open the fridge and make a good slaw out of whatever you see. Finally, it’s a great way to encourage fresh ingredients in your children’s diets.

This part of the blog is explore the art of slaw.  I intend to explore different techniques, ingredients and dressings to identify the best slaws. I will post pictures and recipes when I can. 



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