Before I heard of Carl Jung, I had no idea what synchronicity was other than a decent early eighties Police album. However, as I trudge along my journey, I think I have tapped into the concept of culinary synchronicity. Here’s a story:

Some people tell me “I think your 12 year old daughter is walking in your footsteps”. They might have a point. A few hours ago, she suggested we travel to Detroit before school starts to hit up a few diners, drive-ins and dives. After I wiped the tear from my eye (I’m so proud of her), I proceeded with the normal events of a typical Friday night (ie. watching either reruns or prime time shows that get moved to Friday since they have fizzled out every other night of the week). Enter synchronicity.

I had a sudden urge to flip the station and listen to Guy Fieri fill me with his excitable discussions of mom and pop eateries across the USA. Within 15 seconds, I was greeted with Guy standing outside Supino Pizzeria in Detroit touting the Chicken Wing Thing pizza using smoked turkey legs . Synchronicity I.

On the next episode of the mini Friday night Marathon, Guy shows up in Detroit again touting the Polish Village Cafe and feasting on Hungarian pancakes and pierogi. Synchronicity II.

Episode three brings hot pepper jelly beans and pork salad from Traffic Jam and Snug in… got it…Detroit. O My God!

A quick assessment made me realize it’s pointless to deny the inevitable. Motown, here we come! After all, who am I to question the direction of the universe or the roaring demands of the food gods above?

On another note, during these same episodes, Guy also foreshadowed my trip to Vancouver in October by giving me a sneak peak of Fresh, Local, Wild for seafood fries and pulled pork at Jethro’s Fine Grub. I love it when a plan comes together.

These synchronous acts got me thinking. To answer the question “If you could have dinner with three people, living or dead, who would it be?” I may have to choose Carl Jung, Sting and Guy Fieri so I can pitch my theory of culinary synchronicity, be told to follow my gut (which may be substantially larger at this time tomorrow) and maybe get a book, album and a show out of it. As for a meeting place, I’m thinking tea in the Sahara would be most appropriate.


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