Food Apps: Check out Placemark! A Toronto based app to make remembering a restaurant easier

I was recently contacted by Steven Chung, the mind behind Placemark, a new food app promising to make remembering the places you want to eat a lot easier. I’ll be the first to admit I’m not as tech savvy as many. Yes, I have a Facebook and Twitter account, but don’t post as much as I should. I’ve been exposed to Instagram, Foursquare, Delicious and Pinterest but I must say I don’t keep up with them.

I’m also guilty at doing extensive internet searches of new Toronto restaurants only to forget them a few hours later. Did I see it on blogTO, Toronto Life, or on the site of one of the many bloggers out there? Sites like Urbanspoon has helped, allowing diners to add restaurants to a wish list for quick reference when looking for a night out. What it can’t do, however, is remind you why you liked that restaurant in the first place.

Enter Placemark, the new app which allows you to tag specific web pages to a catalogue you create. Not only will it save the restaurant’s name and address, but it will pin it on a map and reference to the website which drew you to the restaurant to in the first place. For example, if you read my blog about the lobster bisque at Richmond Station or the boquerones at Bar Isabel, you won’t just remember WHERE you want to go, but WHY you want to go!

It’s easy to use as well. When you sign up (go to, you can add a button to your web browser and simply click it when you see a page about a place you like. The app does the rest. When you check your catalogue, it will indicate what you marked, where it is on a map and remind you of the webpage that drew your interest in the first place.

If you click on the “Toronto Map” tab on my blog, you can see Placemark in action. You can click on the restaurant name to see where it is on the map and see the link to my review.

For any questions about Placemark, please contact Steve at

So, the next time you see something on my blog in Toronto you can’t wait to try…just Placemark it!


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