2022 Salsa and Such

Thanks for visiting. With Ontario produce hitting peak season, it’s salsa time. I will use this site for updates on any other products so please follow so you can get email updates and if you’re bored, check out some of my stories, rants, travel stories and other nonsense.


All of my salsas are homemade and whenever possible, use local ingredients. I purchase many ingredients from local farms and grow my own hot and spicy oregano in my backyard. I don’t have any fancy equipment or tools to mass produce…just a sharp knife and a stove.


$7/jar or 3/$20

All jars are 500 ml and processed for months of shelf life (although I don’t think you will need it).

Mextreme Salsa

This one isn’t for the weak hearted. It’s my jacked up version of Mezcalsa….more mezcal, more heat, more garlic and more cilantro. This is a bit of a pilot, but I’m hoping this one pairs beautifully with a margarita.


Mezcalsa is salsa with a hint of mezcal to add some subtle smokiness. Available in hot, medium or mild and with/without cilantro, this signature salsa will make nachos and chips a little more grown.

Simple Salsa

For those who just like things straight forward, this salsa won’t disappoint. Also available in hot, medium and mild and with/without cilantro.

Smoked Honey Peach Poblano Salsa

This is a sweet and smoky salsa with no heat. It would go great with tortilla chips or on top of chicken or fish. I piloting with with my buddies Christina and Justin and it came out great.

Other products

Cowboy Candy

Fresh jalapenos are bathed in simple syrup and seasoned with a spice mix to create a great sweet/spicy snack or a perfect addition to a tray of nachos.

Price: $7 for 500 ml jar

Serrano-Tequila Hot Sauce

Fermentation of the peppers ensures a deeper, more complicated heat and the addition of tequila provides even more punch. It’s a little thicker than tabasco it’s great on eggs, chili and in a Caesar.

Spice Level- Med/Hot

Vodka Jalapeno Hot Sauce

With lots of flavour vs lots of heat, this is universal sauce flavoured with cilantro, onion, garlic and Mexican oregano.

Spice Level: Medium

Frankly Garlic Hot Sauce

This is my spin on Frank’s Hot with the extra kick of farm fresh garlic. I blend versus strain this so it will be thicker than standard Frank’s which makes its use on wings particularly delicious.

Spice Level: Medium

Habanero Pineapple Sauce

I’m going to try both fermented and non fermented versions of this spicy sweet sauce. This one will be spicy (especially the non-fermented one) but I’m hoping it brings a lot of flavour.

Spice Level: Hot

Please note I don’t use a delivery service and can only deliver myself in certain parts of Ontario. Reach out and see if we can make something work.


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